OpenAstro is a free application for building horoscopes.OpenAstro is available in 23 Languages – itself makes it a feature rich software that can be used globally. The following are additional features that make it really a cool application that can be used for Astrology:


OpenAstro Charts
One of the Many Charts offered by Open AStro


  • Natal/Radix Charts
  • Transit Charts
  • Synastry/Combine/Composite Charts


  • Database export/import, Save as JPG, PNG, SVG, OAC
  • Import from skylendar (*.skif), oroboros (*.xml)
  • Import from astrolog32 (*.dat), zet8 dbase (*.zds)


  • Monthly Timeline
  • European and Traditional chart view

Other Features:

  • Solar Return / Secondary Progressions
  • Customizable Planets & Aspects
  • Additional celestial bodies: Chiron, Pholus, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta
  • Fictional points: North/South Node, Day/Night Pars
  • Online Atlas using google maps (virtually every location)
  • Ephemeris files for 1800 AD – 2400 AD


This wonderful program is available on Ubuntu, Arch Linux and General Linux platforms. Windows users too can install it by following the steps mentioned here.


The site offers professional consultation through Interpretations Survey. There is a feature to opt for the personalized approach wherein  an astrologer can contact you, build the horoscope themselves (beyond tool automated horoscope). All these consultation is paid service and not the free one though!




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