About Us

We, had planned this blog site after completing our MBA studies. It finally took form few years later along with SearchOfLife. As we stand now, we still see a lot of room for growth and with more authors and tech enthusiasts hopefully joining the cause we can definitely realize our dream to form a big and healthy community.

Symbolism of InfoQMatriX :-

It was difficult finding a name for this entity. We wanted something that was precise and yet relevant to our information domain as this would then translate into our mission. We wanted to provide our visitors with quality information which would be worth their time spend on our site and enable them to gain something of value which could be further shared to form a self-sustaining community matrix. Info – Q – Matrix.

Info – Well needless to say, it simply means information. In today’s internet driven world, information is the only commodity available in abundance. So when we say, our focus at infoqmatrix is open source methodology, we mean that, it is our goal to assimilate this huge chunk of information and transform it into something that can be of value to our readers.

Q – Quality. The struggle for quality in the present is more than ever. Quality, being a perceptual facet, becomes hard to define. What may seem superior through the eyes of one may not have the same essence when viewed by someone else. We try our best to make sure every bit of information presented to our readers bares a grade of excellence.

Matrix – “Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every form of freedom” – as said by Benjamin N Cardozo, a renowned american Lawyer. Though he wasn’t referring to open source, the quote itself aptly defines what Open Source is all about. It is a symbiotic domain encapsulating the thoughts and ideas of numerous people coming together in unison, harboring creativity and teamwork and amalgamating into something fruitful. This is also the crux of our website and we will continue to try our best to provide quality information, that would help you, our reader to gain something of value, which can be shared further to form a rich and health community here at InfoQMatrix.

Open source is definitely a major decisive force in the future of technology, services, mobile development and has the potential to permeate through each and every field. As this happens, we, at InfoQMatrix, would like to continue to be your link to the Open Source field. Hence, we would really like to see you come as guests and stay as family.